Vincent “Vinci” Römer (2013 – 06/2018)

Even at an early age Vinci tried to teach the drums with the help of cooking spoons on saucepans and the accompanying lids.

Shortly thereafter, at the age of 5, the first drum lessons followed, which in the course of time was influenced by various music teachers (Martin Kürzinger, Dominik Jordans, Igor Kolisnichenko).

His rhythmic talent he was able to perform at the Symphonic Wind Orchestra Parsberg, various gala / party bands, the 6 deer, 446 Hz as well as from 2013 to 2018 at Dr. NICK.

Its diverse style is from drummers such. Jost Nickel, Phil Collins or even Phil Rudd influenced.

Vincent plays Sonor ProLite Vintage Maple Drums, Meinl Cymbals and VicFirth Sticks.