Tobias Olbrich

Tobias Olbrich, or simply Tobi is the second youngest of the band. Still, Tobi’s birth year is well into the last century, or more accurately, the same year Deep Purple released her Machine Head album.

Tobias is very interested in history, politics, food, beer and effect pedals. In his youth, Tobi was an active athlete. Today he mainly sits in his studio and works on new song material.

At Dr. NICK serves the Gibson Les Paul to Tobi and also sings very loudly to drown out his 77W 100W Marshall Super Lead amp.

When Tobias is not composing or playing guitar, he teaches others, mostly women, how to play the guitar. His family, however, comes first despite his music. In autumn you can see Tobias roam through the forests of Bavaria, where he is always looking for something.