Tobias Olbrich

Tobias Olbrich, or simply Tobi is the second youngest of the band. Still, Tobi’s birth year is well into the last century, or more accurately, the same year Deep Purple released her Machine Head album.

Tobias is very interested in history, politics, food, beer and effect pedals. In his youth, Tobi was an active athlete. Today he mainly sits in his studio and works on new song material.

At Dr. NICK serves the Gibson Les Paul to Tobi and also sings very loudly to drown out his 77W 100W Marshall Super Lead amp.

When Tobias is not composing or playing guitar, he teaches others, mostly women, how to play the guitar. His family, however, comes first despite his music. In autumn you can see Tobias roam through the forests of Bavaria, where he is always looking for something.

Andreas Stöppel

He was born on 25.11.1965 in Neumarkt / Opf. After attending school, he worked as a construction worker for four years before going back to school and completing his studies in social pedagogy.

After a ten-year stay in Ingolstadt, he moved back to his hometown Neumarkt. There he married and now he is allowed to call two sweet children his own. The musical career was marked by various bands. Acoustic and electric. His sound at Dr. Nick creates a ’68 Les Paul Goldtop in conjunction with a Mesa Rectifier.

Since he did not have the necessary patience as a social pedagogue, he earned his money since graduating as a guitar teacher, which he still likes to do today. In his free time, if available, he likes to turn into the Western hero Wild Bullfrog or Knight Taurus from the tower.

Tavern evenings are of course obligatory as born Oberpfälzer. He is also attracted to fragrant pool landscapes in order to comb them for their inhabitants.

Andreas Fuß (since 07/2018)

Andreas Fuß, born in 1990, got his first drum lesson from Pauls Andersons in 1998. Among other things, he achieved a first prize in the national competition at “Jugend Musiziert” and the second prize at the first Nuremberg competition for classical percussion. During school he played in bands of different styles from swing and jazz to pop/rock to metal. He studied drumming in Nuremberg with Prof. Hermann Schwander, Prof. Radoslaw Szarek and Roland Schmidt and is a scholarship holder of the Sparda Foundation Nuremberg and Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now. He was an intern at the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra and regularly works there as a temporary assistant at ensembleKONTRASTE and other orchestras such as the Staatsphilharmonie Nürnberg, the Münchner Symphoniker and the Hofer Symphoniker. Since March 2016 he is a drummer in the Federal Police Munich.

Ludwig Buchner

Buchner Ludwig was born on 17.05.1957 into a musician’s family. Early on he found access to music in his family. Mainly his mother Hella and his grandfather Hans Wolf taught Ludwig to play instruments.

After trips to folk music came school bands where he played bass because it was the only instrument left in the bands. After completing his classical guitar and clarinet studies, he played in many bands as a bassist from jazz to fusion to rock.

Vincent “Vinci” Römer (2013 – 06/2018)

Even at an early age Vinci tried to teach the drums with the help of cooking spoons on saucepans and the accompanying lids.

Shortly thereafter, at the age of 5, the first drum lessons followed, which in the course of time was influenced by various music teachers (Martin Kürzinger, Dominik Jordans, Igor Kolisnichenko).

His rhythmic talent he was able to perform at the Symphonic Wind Orchestra Parsberg, various gala / party bands, the 6 deer, 446 Hz as well as from 2013 to 2018 at Dr. NICK.

Its diverse style is from drummers such. Jost Nickel, Phil Collins or even Phil Rudd influenced.

Vincent plays Sonor ProLite Vintage Maple Drums, Meinl Cymbals and VicFirth Sticks.