Dr. NICK are a rock band from Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz existing since 2013.
The band was founded by the two guitarists Tobias Olbrich and Andreas Stöppel. Ludwig Buchner on bass and Andreas Fuß on drums complete the band and form the rhythm section. All four musicians were able to gain trans-regional stage experience, for example through performances in Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

Dr. NICK makes his own music with English lyrics. The musical spectrum ranges from ballads to sophisticated instrumental pieces to pounding hard-rock pieces in the style of bands such as Black Sabbath, UFO or even AC/DC. However, the hallmarks of Dr. NICK are the melodious two-part guitar lines. The group attaches particular importance to the three-part choir singing. Another feature of Dr. NICK is the alternation between fixed and free passages, which are integrated live in various songs as jam sessions.